Street Sweeping FAQ

    • Why must there be a "No Parking" provisions with street sweeping?

Parking is restricted on street sweeping day to achieve cleaner public streets. No parking during the scheduled sweeping times assures the street sweeper will be able to clean the street as much as possible.

    • Why does the sweeping period need to be so long?

The street sweeper needs sufficient time to complete all the streets scheduled for each route. The sweeper also can occasionally experience delays because of other factors.

    • Where am I supposed to park?

Consider parking your vehicle on your driveway or in your garage until the sweeper has finished. If your garage and driveway is full, check adjoining neighborhoods not scheduled for the same street sweeping scheduled.

It is also important for you to remind your guests or any service providers at your home or business (gardener, pool cleaner, etc.) of the street sweeping schedule and that their vehicle cannot be parked on the street.

    • May I park on the sidewalk during the street sweeping schedule?

No, sidewalks are designed to create a safe space for pedestrians to walk and avoid moving traffic. When vehicles are parked on the sidewalk, it means individuals who utilize wheelchairs, seniors, people pushing strollers, children walking to and from school are especially endangered when they have to walk into the street because of blocked access. It is also against the law, California Vehicle Code Section 22500(f) prohibits any vehicle from stopping, parking, leave standing, whether attended or unattended on any portion of a sidewalk. The citation amount for breaking the law is $46.

    • Will I get a ticket if I move my vehicle just before the sweeper and the Public Safety Officer pass by?

Citations are issued only if the sweeper  goes around a parked vehicle. If your vehicle is moved before the sweeper arrived, you will not be cited for parking during street sweeping hours.

    • Where are the "no parking" signs? Aren't they supposed to be on every street?

Entire neighborhoods can be posted for parking enforcement without posting the ends of every block. The signage for your neighborhood will be placed at all the entrances to your  tract.

    • What is the fine, if my vehicle is ticketed?

        The fine is $42.

    • Are parking restrictions enforced on street sweeping days when it’s raining?

Every effort is made to sweep the streets, even when it rains. Vehicles are still subject to a citation regardless of weather conditions.

    • Can I sweep leaves, grass, and other yard waste into the street for the street sweeper to clean up?

No, you must place all yard waste and other debris in proper trash containers. The street sweeper is not designed to remove piles of lawn waste and debris; therefore will bypass them. Excessive debris could prevent the street sweeper from completing the scheduled street sweeping route for the day.

    • May I park on the street after the sweeper goes by?

You should only park on the street after the posted time on the street sweeping sign has passed. Even though you may have seen the sweeper go by once, it may need to go for a second sweeping.

    • What if my street sweeping day falls on a holiday?

If your street sweeping day falls on a holiday, then street sweeping will not be performed for that day. Your sweeping will resume the following week and the other sweeping days are not affected.