2016 Rotating Outages 


This year, there is a possibility of multiple rotating outage events due to extreme high heat and  the recent restricted operations of Southern California Gas Company’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility that services Southern California.

In the event of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) declares a  Stage 3 alert creating a rotating outage event, SCE will use both the ONC and the SCE Alert programs to community with local city and county jurisdictions. 

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Note: SCE will also follow these same notification procedures for other major emergencies such as wildfires, inclement weather or earthquakes that can cause significant interruptions and/or lead to transmissions Stage 3 alerts. 

SCE, Southern California Gas Company, the CAISO and other energy providers in Southern California are urging customers to conserve energy this summer, including reduced use of electricity and natural gas.

For more information, visit on.sce.com/rotatingoutages

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