Merced Avenue Greenway Project

‚ÄčThe Merced Avenue Greenway Project is a year-long planning and design project whose primary goal is to improve the corridor's functionality from an environmental and community standpoint. It will address several core issues: water quality, heat reduction, public safety, and livibility. The design will be informed by a detail analysis of existing conditions and guided by input from community members.

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  Community Outreach Meetings 

  Community Workshop # 3 -  April 13, 2019      Event Flyer  
  Community Workshop  -  October 13, 2018     Event Flyer  
  Community Workshop #2  - October 4, 2018    Event Flyer  
  Community Walking Tour - September 22, 2018     Event Flyer  
  Community Workshop - June 14, 2018     Event Flyer 
  Community Science - May 12, 2018     Event Flyer