Environmental Services


The Environmental Services Division addresses all matter related to solid waste collection, hazardous waste and recycling programs provided to the residents and businesses of the City. This includes contract management for the City's waste hauler to provide services such as solid waste collection, management of a variety of  recycling grant programs, providing special outreach  and educational  programs  relating to solid waste and recycling.


Environmental services also oversee compliance with AB 939 and AB 341, which are both mandated by the State.

AB 939 mandates local jurisdictions to meet solid waste diversion goals of 50 percent by 2000. The city has met the requirement and must continue to meet the 50% diversion goal for the city.


AB 341 requires all businesses and apartment units with 5 or more units must comply with these  new  regulations effective July  1, 2012  to take  action  to  reuse,  recycle,  compost, or otherwise  divert commercial  solid waste from disposal.





The City has other programs that are provided to the residents and business such  as E-waste  (Electronic Waste), Used  Oil and Rechargeable Battery Recycling  program.  With  these programs,  the  City  will  meet the  required mandates  as well  as  improve the aesthetics  and  environment of  this community.


Athens Services: 1-888-336-6100 


 Recycling Programs:


    • E- Waste 
    • Used Oil 
    • Rechargeable Battery Recycling
    • Hazardous Waste 

Once a year the City in conjunction with Los Angeles County holds a recycling event, which collects tires, old paint, electronic waste, concrete/asphalt, wood, metal. ..

Mandatory Commercial Organic Recycling Requirements (AB 1826)

Beginning April 2016, businesses that generate at least 8 cubic yards of organic waste per week must arrange for the recycling of that waste.

These new requirements are designed to move California to its statewide goal of a 75% recycling rate, including a reduction in the level of organic waste disposal by 50% from its current levels.

Organic waste is defined as food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and food-soiled waste that is mixed in the food waste.

The overall requirements and a copy of the bill can be found at www.calrecycle.ca.gov/commercial/organics.