Public Works



Public Works Office                             Public Works Yard                               
1415 Santa Anita Avenue     1900 Central Avenue  
South El Monte, CA 91733    South El Monte, CA 91733 
Phone: (626) 579-6540 Ext.3163   Phone: (626) 444-3158 


Rene Salas 
Public Works Director 
Phone: (626) 579-6540 Ext. 3163     Email: 
Office/Field Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm

The Public Works Department is responsible for the management and operation of all public streets, sidewalks,
street lighting, sewers, laterals, storm drains and reviews public works contracts to ensure that work conforms to plans-specifications and City standards.


The Public Works Department also issues permits, provides administration, and inspection for all activities within the public right-of-way, responds to developers as well as other agencies and general public, coordinates activities, administers consultant contracts, and addresses citizen’s inquiries and concerns. 

The Public Works Department consists of two divisions:

Engineering and Maintenance Services, each of which is responsible for various tasks throughout the City. 


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