Code Enforcement

  ​Joe Martinez   
  Code Enforcement Department Supervisor   
  ​Phone: (626) 652-3111 Ext. 3238   

  Public Safety Center ​                     
  1443 Santa Anita Avenue                      
  ​Code Enforcement Staff Directory           Ext. Number          Email: ​
  ​Chris Alvarez          Ext.3219 ​​ 
  Eric Huerta​          
  Raul Rodriguez ​          Ext.​3226

The City uses Code Enforcement Officers to aid in eliminating substandard housing, removing blighted conditions, promoting property maintenance, and ensuring conformity with City Zoning and Building ordinances and State and County Health Code.

​The Code Enforcement Department  receives and investigates complaints regarding alleged violations of the Municipal Code such as property maintenance violations, private properties parking violations, zoning violations, illegal vendors, yard sales, commercial and industrial violations, licensing and permit compliance issues, sign codes, etc.

To report any residential or business violation, click on the SEED image. ​