City Demonstration Garden



City of South El Monte Demonstration Garden 

The City of South El Monte transformed a large space of turf with pine trees into a low-impact, drought tolerant garden. The public garden located at Merced Avenue and Hayward Way, features smart and sustainable landscaping with low water-using irrigation in a harmonizing design and environment. The pine trees were pruned and the area was enhanced with the installation of a granite walkway with plants that soften the walking path, trees, low and high colorful shrubs, succulents, and large decorative rocks. 

The City’s demonstration garden was constructed and implemented to educate and motivate the community to retrofit their own landscapes in order to reduce water consumption and runoff; and to help meet SBX7-7 goals of reducing the State’s per capita water consumption by 20% by the year 2020. A grant from the Upper San Gabriel Valley District and the San Gabriel Valley Water Company made this endeavor possible.

                                  List of Plants Used in the City's Demonstration Garden  
          Botanical Name                   Common Name   
          Acacia stenophylla                   Shoestring Acacia  
        Acanthus mollis                   Bear's Breeches   
          Achillea 'Moonshine'                  Moonshine Yarrow   
          Agave attenuata                   Agave attenuata   
          Aloe striata                  Coral Aloe   
        Callistemon viminalis
 'Little John'          
                Little John Bottlebrush   
          Centranthus ruber                  Jupiter's Beard   
          Ceonothus griseus 'Yankee Point "                  Yankee Point California Lilac   
          Dodonea viscosa                  Hopseed Bush   
          Dymondia margaretae                  Dymondia   
          Hesperaloe parviflora                  Red Yucca   
          Lantana x 'New Gold'                 Gold Lantana  
          Lippia nodiflora 'Kurapia'                 Kurapia  
          Parkinsonia 'Desert Museum'                 Desert Museum Palo Verde  
          Salvia clevelandii                 Cleveland Sage 
          Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara'                 Mexican Sage  
          Sesleria autumnalis                 Autumn Moor Grass  
          Tagetes lemmonii                  Copper Canyon Daisy   
          Tulbaghia violacea                 Society Garlic   
          Westringia fruticosa 'Morning Light'                  Morning Light Coast Rosemary