SGV Water Company South El Monte Phase 1 Recycled Water System

  ​(August 30,2016) - The San Gabriel Valley Water Company has started the Installation of Water Pipe along Rush Street and will be working for 20 to 30 days. This line will allow for recycled water to be used at our Civic Center, schools, and medians, etc. After completion of work on Rush Street, the contractor will begin work on Central Avenue by City Hall. 

Construction Schedule 

  Location      Dates 
  Base Paving on Rush between Central and Rosemead     10/3/16 thru 10/7/16  
  Intersection at Rush & Central     10/11/16 
  Between Rush & Alpaca     10/12/16 thru 10/17/16
  Central between Alpaca & Remer    10/18/16 
  Central between Remer and Vacco    10/19/16
  Central between Vacco and Lerma    10/20/16 thru 10/21 
  Central between Lerma and Santa Anita     10/24/16 thru 10/25/16 
  Intersection at Santa Anita and Central  
*Base paving on Central Avenue in front of City Hall will be completed on 11/7/16
  10/26/16 thru 11/7/16  
  Michael Hunt Dr.    11/10/16
  Vacco St.    11/14/16  thru 11/15/16
  Lerma Rd.    11/16/16 thru 11/17/16
  Santa Anita/Central     11/18/16  
  Central Ave.     11/21/16 thru 11/29/16
  Lidcombe Ave.   11/30/16 thru 12/1/16  
  Pave of the following streets: 
Michael Hunt Dr., Vacco St., Lerma Rd., Santa Anita/Central,
Central, Lidcombe Ave,
  12/2/16 thru 12/6/16 
  Rush /Rosemead     12/7/16 thru 12/9/16 

For additional information, please contact the San Gabriel Valley Water Company at (626) 448-6183 or 
Bryant Marroquin, Project Manager
During business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  at (909) 201-7359
After business hours: (626) 774-2242