Revitalizing the Durfee Avenue/Peck Road Corridor in South El Monte (Walkability Study)

Six years ago the City of South El Monte held a series of design workshops for the Durfee Avenue/Peck Road corridor. This report details every aspect of the public participation meetings (charrette) highlighting the designs that were created with the input of the residents, the project team and City Council.  The information gathered from the residents on street improvement were successful in creating design concepts to provide safety features as well as improve the aesthetics along Durfee Avenue/Peck Road corridor. 

Durfee Avenue, Peck Road, and adjoining streets were designed decades ago to serve the industrial traffic that was more common in the community of South El Monte at that time. That type of traffic required large, multi-lane streets with wide lanes and medians. Industrial activity and traffic has been declining in recent years, as the practice of street design has evolved. The designs in this report reflect those changing times. No longer are streets considered the near exclusive domain of motor vehicles. Now they are recognized as important public spaces that must meet the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, youth, seniors, and the disabled. Contemporary street design practice allows these different users of the streets to coexist with improved safety. 

This document and the implementation activities that would help the City meet its goals and objectives related to mobility and accessibility, safety/security and community values were often ignored by transportation planning activities in the past. This project sets the stage for reconfiguring streets in this corridor to better provide for all users of these public thoroughfares and improve safety for everyone. Experience with similar street makeovers in other communities has proven that providing for the disabled, pedestrians, bicyclists, and all age groups does not mean that commerce and the ability to move vehicle traffic in the corridor must suffer. This effort is focused around the Durfee-Peck Corridor, and the adjoining portions of two other primary streets: East Rush Street and Thienes Avenue. Several nearby school sites, some streets connecting to the Durfee-Peck Corridor, and the San Gabriel River Trail were also addressed. A well-designed, balanced, complete street can also be a catalyst for commercial activity and economic development. 

To see the Durfee Avenue Walkability Study, click here